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Admin Area Content / Output

To create the content, you should create a function with adminArea name in the class, its return must strictly be array.


Using $this->area_link variable, you can define returned URLs to your module. $this->area_link variable will be in "http://..../admin/tools/addons/SampleAddon" format. For links, you can add as "?variable1=x&variable2=y" for links. For forms, use the POST form method to retrieve user input.

In the Output function, to get user input; $ _GET or $ _POST variables can be directly accessed.

Client or Administrator Data

You can use $this->user[] or $this->admin[] variable in the function, see "Parameters" document to learn the data you will obtain from variables.

Sample Function

public function adminArea()
$action = Filter::init("REQUEST/action","route");
if(!$action) $action = 'index';

$variables = [
'link' => $this->area_link, /* https://*** */
'dir_link' => $this->url, /* https://*** */
'dir_path' => $this->dir, /* /-- DOCUMENT ROOT --/coremio/modules/Addons/SampleAddon/ */
'dir_name' => $this->_name, /* SampleAddon, */
'name' => $this->lang["meta"]["name"], /* Sample Addon */
'version' => $this->config["meta"]["version"], /* 1.0 */
'fields' => $this->fields(),

return [
'page_title' => 'Sample Addon Module',
'breadcrumbs' => [
'link' => '',
'title' => 'Sample Addon',
'content' => $this->view($action.".php",$variables)
Parameters Client Area Content / Output

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