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2. Using theme.php

Name Type Description
Array Returns the values in the theme-config.php file located in the theme directory.
$name String Name of theme directory
$language Array The theme returns the value of the existing language file, depending on the language chosen in the interface. 
$languages Array Returns the value of *.php files in the "locale" folder in the theme directory.


Name Return Value Description
Void Assigns data for $language, $languages, $config variables.
Void or Boolean or Array This function is called before the theme file is already displayed on the screen. The parameter is returned as the router array. If there is a file name matching the router in the pages folder located in the theme directory, it returns the path of the corresponding file as array[include_file]. If boolean = true is returned, nothing is displayed on the screen. 
Array If you are configuring a setting in your theme, you should process the data from the form in this function and return it as an array.
1. Theme Structure 3. How to Customize a Theme?

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