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Thanks to the Reseller API service, your resellers can easily handle a large number of processes through the API.

  • The API service is available only to clients with reseller status.
  • API Key and API URL information must be obtained for the API service to be available.
    (How to find this information is described in the next stage.)
  • There should be sufficient credit on the client account.
    (For purchase, renewal and upgrade through the API.)
What can be done with API?
  • Listing Products/Services
  • Buying a New Service. (The domain name registration and transfer are not yet support.)
  • Service Time Renewal
  • Service Package Upgrade
  • Service Detail Viewing
  • Service Cancellation Request
  • Service Domain Name Change
  • Web Hosting Service Password Change
  • Listing Current Services
  • Account Credit Viewing
  • Service Delivery File Download
Access and Authorization

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