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5. Variables and Functions

Here are some of the functions and variables you need to develop a theme.

Name Type Description
$_theme Class (Object)   Enables to use the theme.php class in your theme file. Example Usage
$_theme_name String Gives the folder name of the theme.
$_theme_display_name String Gives the name of the theme in the setting file.
$meta Array It comes as an array. Example Returned Value
$header_title String The header name of the found page.
$header_description String The header description, if available.
$breadcrumb Array It comes as an array. Example Returned Value
$tpath String For example: Returns a return reply  as templates/website/Themename/
$tadress String Returns a return reply as
$badress String gives the address where the system is installed.
$sadress String Gives the following address:
$master_content_none Boolean If used in the theme file, master content is disabled and the theme file is called directly.

$ _theme sample usage

   /*Sample Function Call Code*/
   echo $_theme->example_function();
   /*Sample Variable Usage */
   echo $_theme->language["lang-key"];

Sample $meta Information

'title' => 'Meta Title',
'keywords' => 'Meta Keywords',
'description' => 'Meta Description'

$breadcrumb Sample Information

      'title' => "Home",
      'link'  => "",
      'title' => "Contact Us",
      'link'  => "",
4. theme-config.php File Structure 6. Language Usage

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