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WISECP offers the ability to automate and scale your business processes with its advanced API structure. API service is used under three main categories: Reseller API, Internal API and External API.

Reseller API

Reseller API service has been developed specifically for users who generally use WISECP through the reseller network. Through this API, your reseller; It can perform many operations remotely, programmatically, such as order processes, managing service statuses (suspension, activation, cancellation, etc.). With the functionality provided by the Reseller API, resellers can:

  • Manage customer accounts,
  • Create and track orders,
  • Have full control over service statuses.

Internal API

The internal API is a service optimized for use in WISECP's own internal infrastructure. It includes:

  • It enables all operations that can be done through the administration panel to interact with backend systems.
  • It acts as a gateway for integration with plugins and customized modules.
  • It is the basic building block for in-platform efficiency and automatization.

External API

The external API allows remote systems and users to use the WISECP admin functions through their own applications. With this API structure:

  • You can perform all functional processes available in the administration area.
  • Payments, customer management, invoice creation and many other admin panel actions can be performed programmatically.

API integrations provide technological solutions that are critical for automating your business processes and improving the customer experience. WISECP's flexible and powerful API structure makes it easy for businesses to access tools that will enable them to stand out in a competitive and rapidly changing market. Each API type can be tailored to specific use cases and business models and customized to the specific needs of your system.

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