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The parameters specified here describe the predefined variables within the class.

Variable Name Description
Gives the directory where module is located as an URL address.
Example: https://.../coremio/modules/Servers/SampleServerCP/
Gives the directory path where the module is located.
Example: DOCUMENT ROOT --/coremio/modules/Servers/SampleServerCP/
If you need to return failed result in the function, you can place the error message in this variable.
Name of the Module
System automatically specifies which language to be selected, it brings the content of php file in "lang/" directory.
It is the variable that specifies the name that identity number belonging to the virtual server will be saved with in configuration options of the service after installation of virtual server is successfully completed. It comes defined as "vm_id."
If a page in module is called while navigating in client detail page, name of the page is stored in this variable.
It includes the URL link of Client or Administrator service detail page.
$this->server["name"] Host name information or name of selected server.
$this->server["username"] User name of the selected server.
Password of the selected server.
Access key of the selected server.
If SSL is active in the server configuration returns as true, otherwise returns as false.
PORT information of the selected server
Includes all details of client that belongs to the service detail page as [array] type.
Client ID Number
Database Field:
Client First Name
Database Field:
Client Last Name
Database Field: users.surname
Client Full Name
Database Field: users.full_name
Client E-Mail Address
Database Field:
Client GSM Number (Without +)
Database Field:
Client Defined Language Code (Ex: en, de, fr, tr, etc.)
Database Field: users.lang
Client Defined Country Code (Ex: US, DE, FR, TR etc.)
Database Field:
Client's Default Defined Address Information (Contains Array)
Database Field: users_addresses
Address Country Name
Address Country Code (US, DE,TR,FR etc.)
Address City Name
Address County name
Address Postal Code
Gives the output of all details [array] of the product belonging to the service.
Gives the output that includes all details [array] of the product belonging to the service.
Client Service ID Number
Database Field:
Client Service Product Name
Database Field:
Type of Client Service Pricing Cycle Period (day, week, month, year)
Database Field: users_producs.period
Client Service Pricing Cycle Period Duration
Database Field: users_producs.period_time
The Service Amount Information
Database Field: users_producs.amount
The Service Total Amount Info (Including Add-ons)
Database Field: users_producs.total_amount
The Service Currency ID Number (Database Field:
Database Field: users_producs.amount_cid
Müşteri Hizmetinin Durumu (awaiting,inprocess,active,suspend,unsuspend)
Veri Tabanı Alanı: users_producs.status
The Service Status (awaiting, in process, active, suspended, un-suspended)
Database Field: users_producs.status
The Service Payment Method
Database Field: users_producs.pmethod
The Service First Payment Date
Database Field: users_producs.cdate
The Service Renewal Date
Database Field: users_producs.renewaldate
The Service Last Payment Date
Database Field: users_producs.duedate
The Service Module Name
Database Field: users_producs.module
The Service Configuration Settings
Database Area: users_producs.options
Server ID Number Which The Service Is Connected (Database Field:
HostnameInformation Defined to the Service
IP Information Defined to the Service
NS1 Information Defined to the Service
NS1 Information Defined to the Service
Properties of Server Defined to the Service (includes [array] string)
Type of Server Defined to Client Service (WHM, Plesk or Other)
Panel URL Link Defined to The Service
User Name Defined to the Service
Password Defined to the Service
Additional Information Defined to the Service
Additional IP Addresses Defined to the Service (separated by commas)
Indicates installation status of the service. True = installed. False = not installed.
Used to insert the identity number of the virtual machine that is created in it during the service activation. It is also used to determine the status of the installation.
There are fields in arrays in the configuration options that are available on the product.
There are corresponding values in the 'configurable-option-params' array which is located in config.php file.
It contains the requirement information filled in at the order step.

Configuration Options

Configuration options saved in product/service of client are in $this- >order["options"]["creation_info"] variable, a sample call is as follows.


Configuration options saved in product are in $this->product["module_data"] variable, a sample call is as follows.


Configurable Options

You can call the module parameters in the special fields and add-ons selected by the client during the ordering process as follows.

$this->val_of_conf_opt["Disk Space"]
$this->val_of_requirements["Operating System"]
Supported Functions Fixed Functions and Return

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