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This is a file that holds the module's setting information. The meaning of the indexes that must be stored mandatorily is explained below.

The date you create the module must be written in (Unix timestamp) format.


The API group that the module should be in should remain as "ssl" since the SSL module has been developed.


It is used to determine the status of the module. If the value of the index is boolean (true), the hook calls inside the module will be listened. Make sure to set the status to boolean (true) if the received information is full, boolean (false) if not while the setting information of the module is saved.

Index Type Description
[name] String The name you specified for the module must be entered.
[version] String or Integer It should contain the version number of the module.
[logo] String The filename of the image that will appear on the settings page of the module must be included. It should be located in the main directory of the module.

They are the areas within the modules on the screen when you click on the wheel (adjustment) button next to the options on the add or edit page in the add-ons specified for the products. The values entered in these fields are presented so that the module can be used during order activation.

Place the value ["sans_count"] in the index.

The SSL module needs a product add-on, the purpose of which is to determine the SAN'S value.

The option type of the add-on should be Quantity, minimum value: 0, maximum value should be: 10

It is enough that you type 1 for "sans_count" value in the settings of add-on option.

When you create an SSL product, you must select the add-on you created from the add-ons tab.

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