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Credit Cart Entering Screen

If you want to customize the standart card information entry screen in "Merchant, Tokenized, Subscription" methods, follow the instructions below.

  1. Put a variable named "standard_card" inside your module class and set its value to be "bolean(false)".
  2. The screen where the customer will enter the card information should be returned in "HTML" format using the "area" function.
  3. You must transmit the entered card information to the "capture" function.
  4. You can access the address where you will "POST" the card information from the "links [capture]" variable in the class.

The values you will "POST" are explained below.

Values of POST

Name Example Explanation
identification 1 or 0 If "card-identification" is written in the "type" index of the "checkout" variable, this value should be "1".
chid 123456789 "ID" index of "checkout" variable
card_num 1234 1234 1234 1234 Card number
card_name John Doe Cardholder name
card_expiry 12/21 Card expiry date month/year
card_cvc 123 Card security code
installment 0 Number of installments
save_card 1 veya 0 "1" if the card is to be stored, "0" if not.
auto_card 1 veya 0 Whether the service payable will be turned on for automatic renewal
stored_card 123456 If a stored card is selected, the ID number must be defined.

Result of POST

After posting the information, a "JSON" data will be returned. The parameters are described below.

Name Example Explanation
status successful,error,REDIRECT,3D,OUTPUT It reports the result about the status of the payment process.
successful : It means the payment is complete.
error : It means the payment failed.
REDIRECT or 3D : means there will be a redirect.
OUTPUT : The content of the "output" index is reflected in front of the client. (You have to use callback in this operation.)
message Error message If the "status" value is "error", the "message" value contains an error message.
redirect When the "status" value is set to "3D, REDIRECT", will redirect the client to the link in the "redirect" content.
output HTML Output If this field is full, you need to show the customer the value in "output".

Listing Stored Cards

Using the "stored_cards" function, you can get the current stored cards of the customer.

The function return type must be "array".

For the "stored_card" index in the values to be posted, you can send the "ID" index inside the loop.

According to the result you get after posting the card information, you should direct or inform the customer.

Obtaining Items

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