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Multi-Language Support

The modules can support multiple languages if desired.

This requires a folder named "lang" inside the add-on module. Inside this, language files, that match with the names of the main WISECP language folders, must be created. WISECP language folders are located in the "coremio/locale/" directory.

If there are language files, WISECP installs them whenever the add-on module is accessed. WISECP will select the appropriate language file according to the language settings of valid administrators. If there is no matching language file in the module folder, it will select the "en.php" file.

There is a language file in coremio/modules/Addons/SampleAddon/lang/en.php address.

Sample Language File

return [
    'meta'          => [
        'name'         => "Sample Addon Name",
        'descriptions' => 'Addon Description',
    'success1'      => 'Settings Saved Successfully',

    'error1'        => 'Something went wrong',

Than the language file content is called to $this->lang[] variable and is used for output functions.

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