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Getting Started

We have created a sample hosting panel module in Github, we recommend you to use it as a starting point for the module.

Specifying a Name

Hosting panel modules are in coremio/modules/Servers/ directory.

When specifying a name for the module (upper/lower case letter, numbers and underscore "_") must be used, and it must be unique.

Sample Module Content

  |- lang/
   | en.php
  |- pages/
   | activation-html.php (Activation EMail Notification Template) 
   | activation-text.php (Activation SMS Notification Template)
| clientArea-another.php (An sample module page for client service detail)
| clientArea-home.php | create-account-form-elements.php (The output that will appear on adding or editing Product/Service) | order-detail.php (The output that will appear in the service detail of administration panel)
| panel.php (The output that will appear in the client panel service detail) | config.php | logo.png | SampleHostingCP.php

Minimum Requirements

For WISECP minimum system requirements, please check address.

We recommend that you follow the same minimum requirements wherever possible in your module.

Introduction Configuration Options

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