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Creating Action Log and Module Log

To facilitate module development, WISECP has a built-in logging function that allows you to record requests and response strings for each call that the module makes, thus allowing you to debug/troubleshoot and review module calls.

To enable and browse log records, you can follow the "Tools > Module Log Records" path in the menu.

Creating Module Log

* Save module log
* @param string $module_type The type of the module ex: Servers
* @param string $module The name of the module
* @param string $action The name of the action being performed
* @param string|array $request The input parameters for the API call
* @param string|array $response The response data from the API call
* @param string|array $processed The resulting data after any post processing (eg. json decode, xml decode, etc.)

Creating Action Log

* Retrieve User ID:
* $u_data = UserManager::LoginData('member'); // 'member' : client, 'admin' : administrator
* $user_id = $u_data['id'];
* Save Action Log
* @param integer $user_id The ID of the client or administrator.
* @param string $type The type of action, ex: transaction
* @param string $description Description of the action
Defining Custom Function for Admin Area

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