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When you enter the details of the orders created for special product groups, after selecting the API under the CORE settings tab, the content of "pages/order-detail.php" file belonging to API appears on below.

Dosyada kullanabileceğiniz değişkenler aşağıdaki gibidir;

Name Type Description
$module Class Object "ExampleSSL.php" dosyasındaki sınıfın içeriğini döndürmektedir.
$order Array Returns the information of the current order.
$controller_link String Gives the URL address of the current order.

Data present on "module_data"column of product are copied to "[options][creation_info]" index located in $order variable after the order is received.


When the order is processed for activation, after the process is completed on the module side, [options][config] index is used to store information about the process information of the module. If the index is full, the installation is deemed to be completed and no other modules can be selected.

Form data in the file are saved to $order["options"]["creation_info"] index.

When you define a form element, "name" attribute of the element must be defined as "creation_info[element_name]." If installation is done, you must also send the values in [config] index with the form, you must define "name" attribute as "config[element_name]."

While the automation settings are saved, the form data that you added to the file will be saved to "options" column of the order as JSON.

use_method use

You need to call some data on the module with the help of jQuery Ajax, or it is used when you need to open a page.

In the case you send below specified parameters to url address in $controller_link variable with GET or POST method, parameters are sent to the use_method() function which is in the class, and the data you added in use_method() function are printed to the screen.

Name Description
operation operation_special_automation
module The name of the module, for example: ExampleSSL
use_method The name of the method that you will send to use_method() function, for example: apply_changes
pages/product-detail.php pages/ac-order-detail.php

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