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Buying New License

With this API command, "Buying a New License" process is provided.
URL < API URL >buy
Content-Type application/json

Name Mandatory Description
key Yes Api key information you obtained.
type Yes Type information of the product.
Possible values: software
id Yes ID number of the product.
(Product ID numbers are listed below.)
period_type No Period information of the product.
Possible values: year, month
period_duration Yes Period time of the product.
options[...array...] Optional If the product requires information such as "domain", it can be sent within this parameter. 
Product ID Numbers
İsim ID
WISECP Professional (Monthly) 92
WISECP Startup (Monthly) 171
WISECP Startup (Lifetime) 174
WISECP Professional (Lifetime) 175
WISECP Enterprise (Lifetime) 176
Hetzner Cloud Module 183

Sample Request

	"key":"< API KEY >",

Sample Output

Getting Started Renewing License Time

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