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Meta Data Parameters

A number of parameters must be defined for server configuration.

You can edit following parameters from config.php file.


Name Type  Supported Default Description
type Enum 1.6 virtualization Supported parameters are used to the type of "hosting" or "virtualization" module.
access-hash Boolean 1.6 false If access key is needed for API, you can use this parameter the button. seen on add/edit server page.
server-info-checker Boolean 1.6 false When activated, test connection button will appear on add/edit server page.
Important: if it is activated clientArea_buttons_output(), must be "testConnect" function in the class.
server-info-port Boolean 1.6 true When activated, test connection button will "Make the connection using SSL" and port modification feature are added.
server-info-not-secure-port Integer 1.6 N/A Default Port Value (Without SSL)
server-info-secure-port Integer 1.6 N/A Default Port Value (With SSL)
configurable-option-params Array 2.0 N/A Specify the configuration option parameters for requirements chosen during order stage.
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