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Where Are the Domain Name Registrar Modules?

All domain name registrar modules are under the /coremio/modules/Registrars/ directory. You can review and refer to available module files as an example.

Creating a Module Folder

  1. Go to the modules folder and create a folder under the name you determine for the module. You can use (upper/lower cases, numbers and underline "_") in module names.
  2. Download the files in "samples / modules / Registrars / ExampleRegistrarModule" directory on our Github page.
  3. Save the downloaded files to the module folder you create.


  • Change the terms of "ExampleRegistrarModule" mentioned in the names and contents of sample files to be the same with the name you give to the module.
  • When the Registrar module will be run, it first runs the php file named "ExampleRegistrarModule" in module folder. The file should contain a Class and it should have the name of the file. You can include the API files of your service provider in the file.
  • config.php file is a file where setting information of the registrar are saved and displays the array() value.
  • /lang/ folder, contains language files. The language file displays the array() value.
  • /pages/ folder, contains the "settings.php" file for displaying the setting information of the registrar module. You can arrange the setting page of the module by using (HTML + CSS + JS + PHP) codes in this file as you wish.
  • /controllers/ folder, is used to process and save the form data received from module's settings page.

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