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The class is executed after initialization, transferring the values from the settings page to the variable.

You can import the SMS service API files as in the example.


  • $external_config - sends the same data as the value in the “config.php” file.
public function __construct($external_config=[])
    $this->lang         = Modules::Lang("SMS",__CLASS__);

    if(!class_exists("ExampleSMS_API")) include __DIR__.DS."api.php";
    $config             = Modules::Config("SMS",__CLASS__);
    $this->config       = $config;
    $external           = $external_config ? $external_config : [];
    $config             = array_merge($config,$external);
    $this->config       = $config;

    $this->title        = $config["origin"];

    $this->instance     = new ExampleSMS_API();

title() - Change Sender ID

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