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When the client enters the order details, the content of the "pages/ac-order-detail.php" file belonging to API is displayed.

The variables you can use in the file are as follows;

Name Type Description
$module Class Object Returns the content of the class in the "ExampleSSL.php" file.
$order Array Returns the information of the current order.
$controller_link String Returns the URL address of the current order.

You can present information about the module, have settings in this file.

use_method use

It is used if you need to call some data on the module with the help of jQuery Ajax or if you need to open a page.

In the case you send below specified parameters to url address in $controller_link variable with GET or POST method, parameters are sent to the use_method() function which is in the class, and the data you added in use_method() function are printed to the screen.

Name Description
action use_method()
method The name of the method that you will send to use_method() function, for example: apply_changes
pages/order-detail.php Variables

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