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When you create or edit products for special product groups, and after selecting the API under the automation settings tab, the content of "pages/product-detail.php" file belonging to API appears on below.

The variables you can use in the file are as follows;

Name Type Description
$module Class Object Returns the content of the class in the "ExampleSSL.php" file.
$product Array Returns the information of the current product.
$product["module_data"] Array It is the index that stores form data you sent in the file. During ordering, data inside the index are forwarded to the module.

Form data in the file are saved to $product[module_data] index.

When you define a form element, you must define the "name" attribute of the element as "module_data[element_name]"

While saving the product, the form data that you added to the file will be saved to "module_data" column as JSON.

config.php pages/order-detail.php

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