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WISECP has an advanced theme infrastructure. You can easily develop a new theme if you want to.

First you need to know are that;

  • No theme template engine is used.
  • You can develop your theme freely by using PHP.
  • You can make checks and reviews by taking the "Modern" or "Classic" theme, which is included as standard, as an example.
  • You can send a remote update to the themes you developed and upgrade the theme version.
  • You can view customization settings for the theme you have developed on the theme management.
  • You can make your theme compatible for each language. ("Admin Area > Languages > Find and Replace" support.)
  • You can create a new subpage in the website interface; e.g.
  • There is a special class file that you can use in your theme. (theme.php) You can host your functions in this file you and use them in the theme.
  • You can optionally provide two different alternatives for the header section and client area style in the themes you will develop.

Theme Development Guide

  1. Theme Structure
  2. Using theme.php
  3. How to Customize a Theme?
  4. theme-config.php File Structure
  5. Variables and Functions
  6. Language Usage
  7. Creating a Subpage
1. Theme Structure

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