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ccTLD/gTLD Whois Server

Whois Server Information Where is it Kept?

All ccTLD/gTLD whois server information is kept in "coremio/storage/whois-servers.php" file. When you want to add a new ccTLD/gTLD whois server, you can apply the following operations.

Whois Server Information How Should it be in a Format?

First, check whether the whois server information for the corresponding domain name extension has already been defined. If the extension does not exist, you can add new whois server information in the following format after the last line of the file.

'com' => [
'host' => '',
'available_pattern' => 'no match for',

'' => [
'host' => '',
'available_pattern' => 'No match for',

Meaning of Parameters

Name Sample Details
host or httpss://{domain} You can use the "whois server socket" address or a web site url. If you are querying on a web page url, define the {domain} variable in the field where the domain address is located.
available_pattern No match for In the whois output, it searches against "Available_pattern " to detect if the domain name is appropriate and indicates that the domain name is appropriate if it finds it. In the whois output, find a phrase that the domain name may be appropriate, and define it for this parameter.

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