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Used to execute a scheduled event, not a mandatory method.

As shown as an example in the SSL module, a method according to "command" index that is in the $data variable is called.

public function run_action($data=[]){
    if($data["command"] == "checking-ssl-enroll") return $this->checking_enroll($data);
    return true;

You can create a newly scheduled event, as in the following example.

if(!class_exists("Events")) Helper::Load(["Events"]);
    'owner'             => "order",
    'owner_id'          => $this->order["id"],
    'name'              => "run-action-for-order-module",
    'period'            => 'minute',
    'time'              => 5,
    'module'            => __CLASS__,
    'command'           => "checking-ssl-enroll",

"period", "time"is an optional index, allows it to be run at specific intervals, if removed it is continuously checked each time.

use_method() checking_enroll()

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