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Meta Data Parameters

A number of parameters must be defined for the product module configuration.

You can edit following parameters from config.php file.

return [
'created_at' => 1551254501,
'group' => "other",
'status' => false,
'meta' => [
'name' => 'Sample Product Module',
'version' => '1.0',
'logo' => 'logo.png',
'settings' => [
'example1' => '',
'example2' => '',
'example3' => 0,
'configurable-option-params' => [
'Sample Placeholder' => 'Example3',


Name Type Description
created_at Unix Time Stamp Unix time stamp of date of completion of module
meta/name String Name of the Module
meta/version String | Number | Float Version Number of Module
meta/author String Name of Developer of Module
group String Determines in which group the module will add-ons page.
Values it will have: "ssl","license","other"
status Boolean Determines the current state of the module
settings Array Involves the data entered for configuration settings.
configurable-option-params Array Specify the configuration option parameters for requirement and add-ons that are selected during ordering stage.
Parameters Module Configuration

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