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Card No Verification (BIN Check)

In "Merchant" and "Tokenized" payment types, when the first 4 digits and 16 digits of the credit card number are entered, it is called if your module class has a "bin_check" function.

If the "bin_check" function is not defined, the predefined "bin_check_international" function is called.

The first parameter passed to the "bin_check" function has the first 4 or 16 digits of the card number.

The return value of the function must be an array. Here are the indices you need to define in the array:

Name Sample Explanation
country US,DE,FR,TR,BR etc… ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code
card_type debit or credit Information on whether the card is a debit or credit card
schema VISA,MASTERCARD, etc… Cart type
bank_name Sample Bank Name of the bank
brand American Express etc… Brand of card, if any
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