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The Addon modules, allow you to use hooks and create (Sub-pages, Client Field Pages, Administrator Area Pages) to further expand the system. Addon modules; can only consist of hooks, administrator area pages, client area pages, sub-pages or all of them. All ...

Getting Started

We have created a sample addon module in Github, we recommend you to use it as a starting point for the module. Specifying a Name Add-on modules are located in coremio/modules/Addons/ directory. When specifying a name for the module (upper/lower case lette...


The first step in developing the module is to define the configuration data. Configuration data is located in config.php file in the module. return [ 'created_at' => 1561714288, 'meta' => [ 'name' => "SampleAddon", ...

Enabling & Disabling

The addon modules may include both enabling and disabling functions. These functions work when the status of an add-on is enabled or disabled in the administrator panel. The add-on can be used to execute any code required when enabling or disabling the modul...


The parameters specified here describe the predefined variables within the class. Variable Name Description $this->version The version number of the module. It is required to be changed in each version the class. It is in core class . $this->...

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