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You can efficiently conduct external, local, and reseller transactions using our Application Programming Interface (API). Our APIs provide a reliable and flexible tool for programmatically managing various functions. This allows you to automate your operations through the API and seamlessly integrate your systems.

Getting Started

WISECP offers the ability to automate and scale your business processes with its advanced API structure. API service is used under three main categories: Reseller API, Internal API and External API. Reseller API Reseller API service has been developed specif...

Access and Authorization

This stage details how to perform access and authorization for external and internal API usage. External API Usage It is mandatory to create an "API Credential" to access the external API. Internal API Usage There is no requirement to create an API ID for...

Structure and Format

The structure and format of external and internal API requests are described in detail below. External API Format When sending an API request, the "Content-Type" header in the "Header" section of the request must be set to "application/json". If the request...

Usage Examples

Examples of using both internal and external API services are given below. You can use Postman to easily test WISECP APIs. You can use the link below to access code samples and quick testing. Postman allows you to quickly validate and test your APIs, so you...


You can customize the WISECP API by creating your own actions. Creating Action To create a new API action, if you are using an external API, you need to make sure that the credentials for the API contain the necessary permissions for the action you are creat...

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