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Custom Product Module Development


The product modules enable the processing and administration of services belonging to the specific product group in WISECP. The basic function of a module is to create, suspend, unsling, and terminate products, these events run as the events listed below occ...

Getting Started

We have prepared a sample product module in Github, we recommend you to use it as a starting point for the module. Specifying a Name Product modules are in coremio/modules/Product/ directory. When specifying a name for the modules, (upper/lower case letter...


The parameters specified here describe the predefined variables within the class. Variable Name Description $this->url Gives the directory where module is located as an URL address. Example: https://.../coremio/modules/Product/SampleProduct/ $t...

Meta Data Parameters

A number of parameters must be defined for the product module configuration. You can edit following parameters from config.php file. return [ 'created_at' => 1551254501, 'group' => "other", 'status' => false, 'meta' => [ ...

Module Configuration

You may need to make some configurations and adjustments before proceeding to add/edit the product phase in the module. To reach the configuration page of the module you created navigate to "Admin Area > Services > Service Management > Module Settin...

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