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The class is executed after initialization, transferring the values from the settings page to the variable. You can import the SMS service API files as in the example. Parameters; $external_config - sends the same data as the value in the “config.php” file....

title() - Change Sender ID

It is used to change the default sender header. Parameters; $arg --- Sender header public function title($arg=''){ $this->title = $arg; return $this; }

body() - Identify SMS Content

It specifies the message to be sent. Parameters; $text --- The text of the message to be sent $template --- Specifies that the message to be sent is the template, as shown in the code example, when the $ template value is full, it changes the value of the $...

AddNumber() - Identify Phone Numbers

It adds the phone numbers to be sent to the class. Parameters; $arg --- Phone number to send $cc --- Country code of the phone number to be sent (Not Required) public function AddNumber($arg=0,$cc=NULL){ if(!is_array($arg)){ if($cc != NULL) $ar...

submit() - Send SMS

It is used to initiate sms sending process. Parameters; $return_this --- It returns bool (true) if the class is called as a return, otherwise bool(false). public function submit($return_this=false){ if(Validation::isEmpty($this->body)){ $th...

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