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Payment Gateway Development

Getting Started

Developing a payment gateway for WISECP is quite easy. You can find all the information you need in these development documents and easily do payment gateway integration work. Types Of Payment Gateway Before starting payment gateway integration, you should d...

Module Structure

This document explains where the payment gateway module files are located and how the module works. Specifying a Module Name When determining the module name of the payment service provider, it should be noted that it starts with a letter (UPPERCASE and low...

Settings/Configuration Page

The payment gateway module may have some settings that can be configured by the administrator. For these settings, you must define a function named "config_fields" inside the class in the "SamplePaymentModule.php" file. Configuration Fields Supported configu...

Third Party Method

The "Third Party" method is when a customer leaves the site to make a payment and returns when the payment is complete. Define a function named "area" inside the class in the module. With this function, you can present an "HTML" content to the customer. If y...

Merchant Method

It is a payment type in which a customer enters their credit card information without leaving WISECP. Processes are processed in the background.  Your customer may leave your site for 3D security verification only or see a popup for it.  Follow the steps bel...

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